Incentive program

"Build Your Brand. Gain Influence. Make Money, for your consistent quality reporting"

Last Revised on: March 15, 2010 

The SocialJournalist Incentive Program is NOT YET VALID. We however, want you to have an idea on how you can make money with your content and material you submit. 

The SocialJournalist Build Your Brand Incentive Payment Program is an online initiative for contributors from all over the world to earn some extra cash for reporting news (text, images and links to videos) and opinion on SocialJournalist. 

The incentive program is designed for students, writers, journalists, bloggers, students, photographers, video makers and citizen reporters who use the SocialJournalist platform to build a personal or professional brand including a completed profile, a creative works portfolio and a global fan base by connecting with existing users, inviting others to join and promoting their contributions outside of SocialJournalist. 

Contributors who participate between a calendars’ accounting year/period can earn cash when they achieve status reads depending on the quality, strength and reach of their fans. 

What are Status Reads? 
Status reads are the average number of people who read and comment (presently, online commenting is not part of our offer mix) on your content material. On an average, 1000 such reads and comments may yield you an amount of around €1.00 

We shall however, detail our incentive program at a later stage and, you may be notified by email or, you might want to check our Website from time to time 

IMPORTANT NOTE: While your Reputation does contribute to Your Score, however, it may no longer provide or determine how much you will get paid. Participation Score, Promotion, and Popularity Score also contribute to Your Score but do not determine how much you get paid. Now, only Your Score at the end of every month determines how much you will get paid. 

How do I build my brand reputation? 

  1. Write original/quality content and share your news and opinions 
  2. Engage with the SocialJournalist community and other communities to promote your SocialJournalist profile page and news reports 
  3. Get your friends and family to register on SocialJournalist and become your fan 
  4. Build a complete profile and online persona to generate global interest in you as a contributor 
Why should I build my brand on SocialJournalist? 
We provide you a platform, irrespective of your prior experience in writing or as a journalist, to a level that probably no other social media site can through our network and community. SocialJournalist can give you unprecedented: 

  1. Exposure – instantly publish your news and content around the globe 
  2. Engagement – ability to engage and reach others from countries globally 
  3. Global reach – social networking and sharing features to connect with others inside and outside the SocialJournalist community 
  4. Control – You own your content which enables you to post/promote it on other sites and link or cross post your content from your blog or external website. However, please read the third paragraph of our User submissions, contributions, reports and conduct  under "Terms or Use" to get a more detailed overview
How do I get paid? 
When you reach a total sum of €100, we shall notify you and you will be asked to please submit the following: 
  1. Write your SocialJournalist username and email on the bottom of your tax form. Include your PayPal email address if you choose this payment option. 
  2. We pay via online bank transfers, straight to your bank account or, PayPal only after your status level is verified. Incentive rewards payments are processed at the end of every quarter and sent out via email or PayPal within 30 days. International participants should allow at least 30 days for payments to arrive after complete formality is done by SocialJournalist and payment has been sent. 
Methods for increasing your level of influence/ Reputation: 
  1. Activate your registration and enroll in the incentive program 
  2. Get your friends and family to join SocialJournalist and become your fan 
  3. Submit 4 or more reports a month 
  4. Submit only high-quality and original content (rated monthly), original photos and original or YouTube videos 
  5. Engagement and networking – commenting, replying to comments, communicate with others inside and outside the community, share, invite others, etc. 
If you have any questions about the Incentive Program that are not answered here, email us at