How we work

"This is democracy, where you have the power to speak your minds' intellect"

Last revised: March 15, 2010

How we work?
We collect materials from you, edit them (if and when/where required - especially when the contributor's primary language is not English and, wants us to do so), format them and then publish them on our Website. When you register with us, via email and send your materials, we assume that;
  1. You have read our "Terms of use" policy and that you accept and agree on them
  2. You have read our "Privacy Policy" and that you accept and agree on them
  3. The materials you send us via email, is your own finding and research
  4. You hold all copyrights to the information and or photos you submit 
  5. And that, you understand that, should their be a dispute of any kind or manner, in any country, irrespective of the country you belong, over your materials, you will be held liable for the same and not SocialJournalist 
Every one is encouraged to participate and share their materials, in the form of news or event happening in their location, story, article, event and or photos. You can either chose to submit your own original material or join in to share your opinion (presently, online opinion sharing is not a part of our service offer) on the material online with us.

What is the material you should submit?
The kind of materials or contents you would want to submit us, via email, can be in the form of; news, opinions, breaking news, articles, stories, interviews, photos, sharing links to videos, creating a news event, news URLs, perspectives, asking a question, answering a question, etc.

What is a news event?
  1. Something that happens at a given place and time, something interesting, exciting or unusual that we want to share with others and discuss. Or, something, which your leading daily might not want to cover or, didn't have an access to!
  2. Organized occasion or event such as social function, sports competition
Some examples or topics you would want to work on
  1. News 
  2. Business updates & information
  3. Opinions 
  4. Articles 
  5. Entertainment
  6. Sports updates and information 
  7. Politics - happenings and updates
  8. Science & technology 
  9. Conflicts & tragedy 
  10. Story 
  11. Travel
  12. Health
  13. Environment 
  14. Arts & Culture 
  15. Life Style, fashion, designers 
  16. Brands and products 
  17. Events and happenings
  18. Home & furnishing - recepies etc.
  19. Photos
  20. People - interviews 
  21. Humor & Jokes
Some examples of news event can be as simple as
  1. Rising prices of real estate in your city and why you think it is rising or what is the opinion of the people around you
  2. Opening of a new business, which provides a platform or employment in your community
  3. A family robbed in the middle of night or murdered ... your opinion: how it could have been prevented
  4. Women harassed or robbed 
  5. Sports events in your community 
  6. Corruption and failure of government office to listen or provide you with service
  7. An individual or family being harassed being racist 
  8. Human rights abuse by an employer 
Some writing tips
Be short and to the point. Share something original "tell your story in a compelling way" Do not go for the BIG stories, which the bigger media house are already behind. Look for something different, something new. Or, if you really want to follow threads to the bigger story, then research some bit for your own new findings. Share something, which is thoughtful & unique.

Our primary language of communication.
Although we have a global platform, however, we do not have access to provide our platform in different languages. Our primary language will be in English. Therefore, if you feel English is not your primary or first language, you can still submit your matter. Simply use the google translation to translate your matter from your language to English and when submitting your material to us, please mention in your email to us, so that, we edit the language for corrections. 

How to Contribute.
In order to be able to contribute your materials, you will need to first register with us, and then send us your materials via email to: 

We shall/may draft a brief profile of yours, on our website, so that, our readers can get to know about you. However, we shall not display your home and or work address, your contact phone numbers and even your email or skype. We shall only display your name and your Unique SocialJournalist number.

Unique SocialJournalist number
When you register with us, we shall reply you confirming your registration, with our unique SocialJournalist number. You must mention this number in the subject of your email to us, while submitting your materials, and also mention under which section you want us to publish your material, for e.g. Sub: SJ315201000 - Opinions (is your unique SocialJournalist number followed by Opinions, we know who has submitted and under what section we should publish).

Advertise with us.
Asiemik consultants are our publicists and as well as our advertising consultants. Please contact them at in order to gather all details and essentials about advertising on Our Website.