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The Palace of Culture and Science, in Polish; ‘Pałac Kultury i Nauki’ in Warsaw, Poland

This is probably the tallest building in Poland, and the eighth tallest building in the European Union. Currently it is believed to be the 187th tallest building in the world.

Ever since we first came to Warsaw around the year 2008, we’ve wanted to get some good photos of this lovely state of the art construction. We stayed several times at the hotel across, on the top most floor, just to get the perfect view for photography, but, the higher the floor where we stayed the lesser the glass windows would open, thus, making it difficult to get a great shot. Because almost every photo would have some not wanted spots from the window glass. Until our last visit during March 2014, when we decided to actually open the window and hold the camera in hand and stretch it out as far as we could, through the little gap we could get, and try some shots at night. First, the challenge was to stretch hands out and hold the camera still and the, stretch out the other hand to click the shots. And, this is probably the best what we got :)