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Major Krishan Yadav: A blend of Passion and Patriotism

Horse-riding is his second passion. The first passion of his, has now got converted into the profession, and he is no short of turning the second passion into profession too.

Major Krishan Yadav, 30, is posted as Equitation Officer in the National Defense Academy at Khadakwasla, Pune; and is the captain of Indian Tent-pegging team as well as the National Show Jumping team. Major Yadav comes from Rewari, Haryana and has worked as Major in Jammu and Kashmir before being handed over the current assignment in the NDA. Under the Captaincy of Major Yadav, National Tent-pegging and Show-jumping teams in, Indian teams have participated in the Asian tent-pegging competition and the International tent-pegging championships held in Noida in March 2010. In these events, Major Yadav won as many as 14 Medals (4 Gold, 8 Silver, 2 Bronze) including 6 Individual and 8 Team Medals. Major Yadav won his first medal in the year 1999 in the National tent-pegging championship in Pune, and has a tally of total 170 medals till now including 19 international medals out of which 8 are International gold medals. In 2009-10 alone, he won 56 medals improving upon his 2008-09 performance of 42 medals. He is very popular as the ‘Ride and Drive’ specialist in the country. ‘Out of total 6 ‘Ride and Drive’ competitions that I have participated since 2005, I emerged victorious in 5’, says the Major.

Besides his passion of horse-riding, Major Yadav’s achievements in his profession of Defense services have been phenomenal too. He is the Shaurya Chakkar awardee for the year 2003 and the Sena medal awardee for the year 2001. ‘It was an operation in which we killed 12 militants in Jammu and Kashmir’, he opines. Recalling his Sena Medal, Major Yadav says, ‘We happened to kill as many as 6 militants in the year 2001 in J & K, an operation for which I was awarded the Sena Medal’.

With a smile on his face, he tells about his family. ‘I come from a family with 3 males (himself, father and brother) and one female (mother). All the men in the family belong to the Army’, so his blood has gifted him the tradition of patriotism, and his passion brought to him the horse riding.

Photo Caption : Pictures releated with Major Krishan Yadav. 
Photo by Gurpreet Singh Mehak
Contributed by: Gurpreet Singh Mehak
Country: India
Date: September 26, 2010