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Why is it difficult to tell you I am here for you today
why is it not allowed to touch all the depts of you this way?
my love is here - ever sincere - perfectly clear
to be adored, to be enjoyed, never feared
so appreciate - embrace
the greatest gift in time and space
how can you send it back?
and ignore the fact
you have it
i've got it
take it or leave it, just be aware
it's holy and highest.. for me very dear
please do not kill it
just gently still it
please cherish and care
just let us dare..
to fly and get high 
be endlessly wide..
not bound with the ropes of the "must" or the time
whatever will happen is welcomed by Me
as short-lived or full-bodied as it may be..

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

You deserve a new page in my notebook
You deserve a place in my heart
You, You always know how to sooth
Make simple drawings look like big art

And my heart rejoices 
I always say yes to You
I’ve got many choices
But tend to be choosing You

There is nothing to refuse You 
there is nothing to confuse You
what You see is what You get
even if ther's no next step
I don't need to own Your heart
You don't have to play Your part
You don't have to make a call
silently You have my all
admiration, love, devotion
for no reason or emotion
unconditionally Yours
everytime a need accurres
But You don't ask for anything
You don't want to be my king
You don't want to be my Only
even though I'm not a fonie
I am true sincere and great
And it will be never late
even if you're eighty eight
trust me I will really wait
wait for just a little smile 
or for You to just say Hi
I will love You all my life
even though I'm not Your wife
Even though I probably 
never ever really meet
nor Your eyes nor your lips
nor your fine fingertips

I don't ask for anything
but I'd take space under Your wing
I would enjoy each little feather
caressing me after such horrible weather
such long journey, such painful detach
I wonder if ever there will be a match

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

To my Self
To My self
to myself
To My Self

self, what do you do 
with the energy given to you? 
at times you observe, 
you enjoy and you go
you live in a very beautiful flow
you are here
you are there
you are free
and then you dissapear 
is there nothing left to climb?
then let's see you another time..

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

So what that i'm enjoying life's pleasures
or bound in the knots and in ties?
what if i am flie in the ceiling?
what if i can see when you cry?
it is all the same 
it means nothing
it comes 
and it goes 
sometimes fast 
sometimes slow
everything is just life
everything is just there
you decide what you take 
you decide what is fair
there is lots to be left untouched, unexplored
say yes to the meaningful matters, the core
don't waste energy on the emptyness
rather grow into your holyness
by the time you grow old
you'll learn the best song
you hear the right voice
not making a choice
pointless as life is anyway.. 
can't figure out an outlet for My creative energy
and how could i..
the measures are wrong 
no comparisons can be made 
it is the wrong tube
Get rid of the tubing and breathing aid
turn away from seemingly endless chains of the mind

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

Cut into pieces
so small and so meaningless
the puzzle seems impossible to be put together ever again
and after a good shake and the magician's words: *OMMM*
there is a beauty that noone noticed before
The call into the depths..
it is safe to follow
not too deep
nor to hollow

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

I am the waterfall far in the mountains
the strong waves in atlantic ocean
I am the driseling rain sometimes
all in the right proportion..

I am also the litlle hard working ant 
who once ansvered a very hard question 
why did I have to be born like that?
with a body and mind and soul..

I am a crying "I AM" sometimes
or an angry one, desperate too
I understand the ones bigger in size
or a child that can't go to the lue

i understand the Ones who are here
with no place to go or nothing to feed
"been there" and "done that" is sometimes a must
to be really able to see 

see with the unseeable eyes
to love with the being not just the heart
to get to come to the smaller in size
not act to blunt or to smart
easy communication

you can come whenever you want
you are free to leave aswell
I will not make you go and hunt
for attention or a new well
I can let you drink me as much as you wish
I can sit and listen to you
you will be relaxed and not make me "fish"
for the latest and wonderful news
we can sit and sink in the ocean
of the silence in our eyes
neither of us will think it's a must
or will feel that we are obliged
I am happy when you are here
I am happy when you are gone
but neithere of us is the reason for that
all simply IS.. it appears

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

you are born and held in the arms of the most wonderful, gentle mother
you are nourished through love and care and the milk,
prechewed consepts and meanings and blubber..
you grow and you think is that all I AM here for?
and start to diminish and doubt
and when you finally get back on track
your "best before" states: enough 

the Me that has no regrets and no games
the Me that is really true
the Me that does not ever fade
is still there but you had no clue

you drop the plastic toys and your roles
and maybe even few pounds
discovering wonders in wormholes
and newly found playgrounds.
everything is OK and fine and allright
ongoing peace flows through
the shine of the unegoistic Light
makes the sky of your life so blue..

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

Needy one
be my hill when i watch the sunset 
be my pill when i get a headache
be my chair to eat my eckleer in the park
be my teddybear in the really cold dark
be my torch and the match and my chandelier 
be my fairytale and my sweet clean air
be my anything and my everything 
and only if needed.. that sort of thing..
if i don't need a kiss or pat on my back 
or the warm cosy childish sit on your lap 
just let me be.. and let me fly free
discovering worlds and fantasies..
just keep me close to your heart ..or rather not that
keep me inside you and love me beside you
take a walk with me a dog for me
and if you ask what's in it for you
too pity that really you have got no clue
i know i can be your paradise, i know i can be your hell
i wonder if you already do even know me that well
i will find me a garden, you will find me a case.. 
so you can have a picture of me smiling at you 
on your fucking desk..

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

The depth of a thought or a wonderous walk in your beautiful heart 
make me be quiet for a moment
the cute innocent play of your words and the sinful meaning behind it 
make me laugh for a while
the sunny morning on top of your chest
makes me greatful at rest
the moonlight shining, same spot, same angle, same nest
makes me beautiful..
that i'm "dead"..

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

One will not escape the Divine Love
one will not try to fight or try to be gone
one will let It happen no matter what
one will enjoy It to the very last cup
one will find It amazing and welcomed and true
one will think it is stronger then superglue
one will bade in It and fade into It
One is one with it, not just pieces and bit's

what else is there to do or say 
in this hollow humanity 
your children must always play by the rules 
no matter what you ever used to do
you always have to balance your foot 
when you are walking on the steep roof
you try to do what noone else does
try to be true, then try to be false
then when you recognize it's a dream
you do'nt even know if you really are here
where is the "here" and if ther's a "why"
one of the buddhas will teach you to cry
over nothing and noone and none
and then you will find all the ansvers in sum
but that will not make you happy, content
because it is all a fatal mistake

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

Life is beautiful and pretty
life is clean and safe and happy
life is tender life is sweet, in this moment of the leap
but it also is all that what will happen in the gap
it is horrorful and pitty
blunt and hateful and so dirty
once accepted and embraced everything can be your grace

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011


I love all fruits so wonderful and sweet 
and sour ones and the ones with no pit
I love bananas the ones that are thick
like some parts of yours and i am a fig

try cutting strawberries into a half
it's full of erotics, no boredom, no math
try peaches, ever seen there a butt?
it's also in bible, saints sing about that..

I worship my fruits though, not body so much
make love to my oranges, pomergranate.
Each bite that i take is deliciously lusch
even the lemons, and do not say "hush"
I simply can't stop to praise all the gooods
that are provided by all of my Gods
Eart, Sun, Rain, Love, Air
that is all that i need
existing is easy, so easy indeed
just open your mouth under plumtree 
ask nicely, you'll always get there a treat
and live the true wonder in my retreat
be humble and happy isn't that what you seek?

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

City life

Take a walk in the street of the busyest town
i am not amazed how people are frowned
all crusched and lifeless, all sad and distinguished
they do look silky and smooth.. but diminished

"i am so happy!" one sais, "oh.. me too!"
the parrot sais on the wall of the lue
very posch and snob and glancy indeed
but even more bloody inside of the league

the balance is always there, don't you feel
the more you hide something, the others will see
especially if you care so much
about the creepy cuppboards and such..

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

Falling in love with projections..

I don't want to get to know you
I just want to softly love you
don't get close
don't connect
don't you loose
what i get
from your breath on my goosebumpy skin
from your kiss on my longing chin
I want to feel the butterflies 
without telling you any lies
about if i still respect you or not
about if i still want what you've got
the less i see of you the more i want to spend time with you
name it ironic or dumb or just sad
the less you speak the more i get mad
from longing for you
and from needing you
and you make my heart bleeding for you

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

Next time..

If I ever was to come back
it will only be for You
I already did make a wish.. You know that..
I told You once out of the blue..

I told You I mean to meet You there 
and for sure recognize 
You did not say „yes“ or „no“ at that time
but I knew that You would not mind

we may be sisters 
the really close ones..
or best friends 
that never part
we might be anything really..
.. next life
but now we'd be lovers as such.

This life is passing the way it just wants 
I am letting it happen to me
I want to surrender to everything
be a toy for the Godly Being

be the toy for You as a matter of fact
be the love of Your life, be Your Seeing
All routes bring me back to one place in time
to You.. and our joyous meeting

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

Come lie down with me on the wet summer grass
there is something i want to enjoy 
we nostalgicly look at the puffy clouds pass
making room in ourselves for the truth
i have done this alone oh so many times
it is good for a change to have you
to share moments with you in this fragment in life 
see joy open pettals and bloom

the ifinity of the sacred blue sky 
lets the soul sing its true song out loud
rushing out all stagnant waters and scum
freeing space from each single bound
then the blueness reflects itself in the sea
of our perfeclty shimmerless being
and everything all around and beyond
enjoys peaceful and wonderous healing

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

Lunch time
It is busy here
many people are hungry
for the bread that will not feed the soul
the water of truth is the one they desire
and everywhere seek by default
once they discover the endless spring
of the cleanest and purest water
they will be outrageously happy, stay put 
and not search any harder

 Kristi llves
City: Tartumaa
Country: Estonia
Date: August 22, 2011

And who said we don't have Angels in our World today?
For how else was I born and brought up?
When I feel down and low, and my heart feels weary,
When troubles come and the world looks down to me!
When moments make me still and my eyes shed a tear,
It's my Angel who comes and sits' beside me.
My Angel, who raised me, to stand on my feet,
Who raised me, to climb up the mountains, 
And swim across the rivers.
Who taught me to walk through the difficulties & challenges, 
And see the light ahead of me.
Whose hugs & kisses bring up a new life in me,
Whose smiles motivate me and encourage me to take a step ahead. 
Who smiles with me, cries with me and willingly forgives me.
Whose shoulder gives me all the strength of the world.
Who raised me to be the man I am today.
Who else could it be, other than My Angel,
My parents without whom I would not in this world be.
I love you mom and dad, for you are my Angels.

Mohinder Pal Singh
City: Kolkata
Country: India
Date: July 18, 2010