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Roman Juranek

I met Roman, during the year 2008, when I was traveling to Poland. He was then, running an online trading business.
He sounded ambitious, dynamic and a person with strong values and goals. Before starting his own business, he used to work in the gas station as a service manager. "I worked for 2 years in my job, almost 12 hrs. a day and yet at the end of 2 years, I neither had any savings to count on, let alone investments towards any assets, thats when I decided to resign from my job and start my own business" said Roman. "At first, it was very challenging, but then, which business is ever easy. I had to convince my suppliers to provide me products, when I get orders from my online shop and, since I would get the payment upon making the delivery of the products through the post, their payments was secured anyways. It took me some time, and then, slowly, as orders started coming in, things got better" says Roman.

What started as a small scale business, started growing and he had to look for more investments which was hard. Rising costs to operate business in Poland, now a part of the EU and the age old bureaucratic system of business operations in Poland, was making it hard to develop. Which resulted into a situation where he had to close his online shop. Now having learnt the art of running his own business and the benefits he could yield, it was hard for him to settle to any 7 to 5 job and a fixed salary. Thats when he started to design his strategy. 

He first designed a business plan and applied for a fund to start his business from the department of unemployment agency. "It wasn't easy at all. It took me almost 2 months and more to finish the complete plan and then, it took the department almost a year, to complete all formalities i.e. checking the authenticity of the plans, the location for business etc." says Roman. "By the time I received the fund, it was over a year, but at least I had a start" he said.

Today, he is proud to have his own shop, where he sells groceries and other essentials of daily needs, together with products from FM and Herbalife. He knows and understands that soon with time, his new business will demand more investments, therefore, he is already working on his next plan, which is to design and develop a business plan, but this time, seeking funds to develop his business. Assuming this might take another year, before he has the funds in his hands, he is all set to flow with the trends. He is working hard to develop his present business, while, strategizing himself for the future. I wish him all the best with his endeavors.

Contributed by: Mohinder Pal Singh
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
Date: August 19, 2010