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People Of Our World - talks with Monika Jasnauskaitė

Monika Jasnauskaite is a 21 year old self-taught Lithuanian artist studying molecular biology at Vilnius University in Lithuania, working in the filed of natural sciences. She specializes in drawing realistic and stylized portraits of people or animals as part of her own graphic novels. Monika also loves taking part in local and international art contests, collecting pencils, cooking, making dolls at times and wearing her cute yellow coat.

Her passion is drawing, drawing and drawing. Like her first love and the thing that keeps her sparkling. Some time ago she started to spend a lot of her time working on sketches and realised that it brings her a lot of pleasure and, thats supposedly how she discovered her passion.

Although she makes some extra money by selling her art, however, it is not as much as any aspiring artist world want. Her art is on sale online on ETSY and Asiemik Gallery. Her typical day, just like any other student has lectures at university almost all day long and at times some 2-3 times a week and then, she also has visits to her laboratory and work on her experiments. Followed by studying at home and if she can, she spends time with her passion - drawing.

She seems to get inspirations for her arts almost from everywhere! Coffee, books, pieces produced by other artists, music, vintage shops, old town, science, dreams, conversations with friends, movies, starry sky, water drops, grass, pancakes.. "All things that are around me somehow have their share in the process of creation" says Monika. She used to go to an art school and spent around like a year there, though realising later that she is more of a self-taught artist. She did learn some basic skills, but had to quit it due to a lack of time and some personal reasons.

She recalls a very unpleasant accident. She says she hate shipping - forwarding her orders by post. "I always feel stressed until I receive a message from the person saying that she or he received their drawing. I shipped a lot of art before and everything was good but some months ago I wanted to send a large drawing that I worked on for ages to an art contest. It was lost somewhere and never returned. What did I learn? Write a clear label, choose more expensive shipping, change to another post office!" she said.

She would like to share some of her experiences and she says "Don‘t be afraid to be on your own with your thoughts and accept your self the way you are as a creator. I think that the best ideas are realised alone."

If she could change anything in this world, she feels that more "young motivated and educated people should work as art teachers at schools. It‘s sad to see how children sometimes are forced to accept someone else’s technique, style or attitude. Young children often don‘t realise that they repeat what they were told and shown. The most important thing is to let children find what they like and don‘t like on their own." she says. 

She considers honesty, originality and faithfulness to be her top three most important values. And, would like to share some words of encouragement for others who share similar interests; "do not be afraid to fail. Do not be afraid to try something new. Your life belongs only to you, it‘s up to you to decide what you love and believe in. You have a right to make your own decisions. Not your parents, friends, relatives, etc, only YOU! If you make mistakes, you will learn from them. Time will heal everything. Nobody was born perfect."

Contributed by: Mohinder Pal Singh 
City: Amsterdam 
Country: Netherlands  
Date: March 5, 2014