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Agnieszka Roch and her success with FM Group

Mrs. Agnieszka Roch from Chorzów, Silesia, Poland, was invited to join FM Group, as an independent distributor, by her colleague Mrs. Katarzyna Żabczyńska (presently The Golden Orchid), during the year 2005
. Agnieszka, was then, working with ALPINUS responsible for production planning, and later once joining FM, she changed her job. With her new job she was to work as a supervisor at the social nursing home. "During my early phase with FM, I was busy selling FM products in order to make some extra money, until I realized the wonders of the MLM strategy", says Agnieszka. MLM or Multi level Marketing, is not only about selling the products to earn money, but most importantly, it is about appointing other people to become independent distributors too. Because, each distributor, in order to maintain an active status of their distributorship with the company, must place an order at least once every year and thats how the MLM structure yields returns" she said. 

Further she said that 'People must come out of the thought that, if I appoint you as an independent distributor for FM, I make money on your orders. In our society, we all make money on each other. When we go to buy eggs at the local store, the store makes money on my purchase. Similarly, when we buy clothes at the departmental store, they too make money on my purchase. But how many of them, have ever calculated my total purchase during the year and redeemed my total purchase value with points or provided me with an option to redeem those points for credits or money? Instead of looking at or thinking that I am making money on you, we should think, how we can make money with the options and opportunities we have around us", says Agnieszka.

"The most important thing to succeed in any business is to have a clear vision, a goal and a strategy. Without which, we can never develop ourselves and or our business and let alone, think of success. At first, I studied the product mix of FM carefully, and shared it with my family. We, at home now only use FM products for our use, be it perfumes, cosmetics or the home products. This itself generates decent volumes for me. Further, when I have to visit a friend on birthday, or wedding etc. instead of buying them flowers or other gifts, I chose to make a gift box with FM products and leave a short note, on how they can benefit from FM too. While most give a blind eye to this, those who call me to follow up, I share with them my strategy and success with FM. And thats how, I develop my structure and not to forget, there are always people, who still buy the perfumes because they love the fragrances but still do not want to understand the benefits of MLM", says Agnieszka. 

"Success does not come easy and it does not come over night. The most important thing one must always carry with oneself is lots of self motivation, confidence on yourself, your products and above all, a clear vision of your strategy. Although I started working with FM since 2005, the first 2 years I was not strategized. Once I learnt the art of the MLM, I started developing my structure and by the end of the year 2009, I started seeing results. I graduated from being an independent distributor to be in the Pearl Orchid group, my hard work yielded me a Mercedes Benz class A car from FM and, my commissions were enough for me to decided to sell off my apartment and build my own home in the outskirts of the city, where I now live with my family. And of course, I resigned from my job, because, my income from FM is far more than I could have earned from my 7 to 5 job". she said. 

I personally met Agnieszka and her 2 friends, together with who she often throws tea parties, where they invite family and friends and give short self made presentations of FM group and display the products in order to let people see and feel them. "If you meet a 100 people and show them your products, 10 will be keen to know more about them and 1 will buy it and each such person adds to your success building" says Agnieszka.

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Contributed by: Mohinder Pal Singh
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
Date: August 19, 2010
Photos by: Mohinder Pal Singh and Roman Juranek