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Moscow metro bombings mastermind 'will be destroyed'

The mastermind behind the double suicide bombings on Moscow metro, will be destroyed, as said by Russian leaders, on BBC world news.

That, I think was a clear message to all those, who probably think that, by killing innocent people, they are able to achieve their goals of vengeance. And I think it is right for the Russians to say that, because, the question is, how long more is this going to go on. Our world has seen such events happening before, we have several examples, often fresh new examples happening every week, in some country in this world! We have not yet forgotten the 9/11, Madrid bombings, London bombings and the several bombings happening in India and else where too! At least the Russian leaders were clear with their goals on how they will tackle such attacks in their country, unlike our Indian leaders, who seem to continue with their peace talks and negotiations, while leaving several open pockets in our security & defense to let those handful few carry out and accomplish their goals to bombing and killing our innocent people.

What hurts most is to see, that, we have evidence against our neighbor Pakistan, either behind most of the terror attacks or, having camps where people are trained to carry out such terrorist attacks, yet we continue with our peace talks and negotiations. The question is, how long more will this continue and, if we will ever be able to stop this from happening in the new world.

Further, I think that as long as we continue to sympathize we will continue to encourage those few to allow them to plan for more such attacks and thus continue killing innocent civilians. Because, with every sympathy, they seem to gain more confidence from the emotions of the people for them. We should instead, identify them as a threat, and start working to educate them with the changes over time, as regards to their ideologies and believes. Make them understand that, today, life cannot be lived with ideologies based on teachings and beliefs which were probably suitable during the era when they were developed! Our life today has challenges, to accept the modern world, as it is, where we need to live together in peace and harmony.

Contributed by: Mohinder Pal Singh
City: Kolkata
Country: India
Date: March 30, 2010