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Are we supporting terrorism?

When was the last time, any of the human rights organization, or just about any other government or non-government organization, stood up to the media, to announce that those terrorists, who take innocent lives under their beliefs are raging a war against humanity or, their activities are crime against humanity? I do not remember if I ever came across any such a talk. However, when the military, be it from the USA or its allies or the Indian force, risk their lives to arrest a terrorist, we see all the human rights organizations rush to protect the arrested terrorist, with laws on how he / she should be treated, fed and kept in custody. 

When a terrorist plans' an attack to kill innocent people, the media speaks about it, and ... thats it. While, when an organization plans and eventually kill a terrorist, it is blamed, accused, the leaders are prosecuted and, those who support the terrorists with their beliefs, have a mouth to say its crime against humanity! And, add to that, the human rights organizations and or other government or non-government organizations also seem to stand up against such an act?

The question is, how we do stop terrorism?

Terrorism has been a part of our civilization ever since evolution. Society has often experienced a group, revolt against the mass. However, such beliefs, or revolution in the form of war and killings, might have had a cause maybe 5,000 years ago. But in todays' era, when we have advanced ourselves, far ahead of our past, when education has helped us learn the various possibilities and opportunities of life, ideologies & beliefs set by a few, thousands of years ago, probably do not fit into our present times. When an ideology or a belief strongly against others, is believed or practiced by a small group of people, with time, one can consider working on it, by talks and or negotiations. But when the same ideology and beliefs are educated as part of religion by a much larger population, negotiation is no more an option! Keeping in mind that, generation after generation is educated with the same ideologies and beliefs. 

So what can we do about it?

How many of us have actually spent some time to read, study, understand and know about such ideologies and beliefs, which can make a human go against another human, to an extent where, they can rage a war on the innocent? Because unless we do not read & understand what makes them rage a war, we will never know the dangers which we silently support. Once we have read and understood these ideologies and beliefs, for sure, we will know how to find a solution and probably stop supporting terrorism. 

Robert Spencer has researched and published several materials worth reading. I guess we could all give it a read.

Contributed by: Mohinder Pal Singh
City: Kolkata 
Country: India
Date: June 20, 2010