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Villagers worried about fate of a New Delhi based deaf and dumb Muslim child

Villagers worried about fate of a New Delhi based deaf and dumb Muslim child; the child was found abandoned in Sirhind on June 20, 2011

The residents of village Bharionpur of district Fatehgarh Sahib are worried about fate of a New Delhi based deaf and dumb child Abdul Razak. Village Bharionpur is dominated by Sikh population but they want to settle 10-year-old Abdul Razak, who was found abandoned in Sirhind town of district Fatehgarh Sahib on June 20, 2011. According to village Bharionpur resident Gurnam Singh, the child was first found by a Sirhind resident Devinder Singh Sethi, who had taken the child to a local mosque. The child stayed there for some days but after some days he managed to reach village Bharionpur. As per Gurnam, he did not know how the deaf and dumb child reached his village. On reaching the village, Gurnam searched pockets of the child and found a visiting card of Sirhind based mosque and when he contacted on given phone numbers, he came to know that the child was found abandoned in Sirhind. He said as the child was deaf and dumb so they are still facing difficulties to locate the parents of the child. He said as the child is very sincere so villagers had special affection towards the child and worried about his fate.

Gurnam Singh said after finding the child he told Fatehgarh Sahib police about the child and request the police to locate the parents. He said the child has written his
name Abdul Razak, his father name as Tahid Ali, mother name Salma and resident of Delhi. He said he has taken the child to Fatehgarh Sahib Deputy Commissioner office and met officials of police and education department. Later, the child was admitted to
Residential Special Training Centre (RST) on July 1, 2011 at village Mirpur, which is running under Sarb Shiksha Abiyan (SSA). Abdul got admission in bridge course one and completed his court on March 30 this year. As per RST Mirpur incharge Rajinder Singh,
following the directions of education department officials, the child was admitted in the school. He said Abdul is a brilliant student. He said there were 50 students in his school all aged between 8-14 years old. He said these students could not get admission in the schools earlier due to various reasons, so as per SSA scheme these were admitted in his school and stayed in the school till completion of their course. Now all including Abdul had completed his course. After completion of the course now he was admitted at Patiala School of Deaf and Blind, Safdipur(Patiala) in nursery. Now efforts are being made to make his disability certificate. Gurnam Singh said that his disability certificate could not made in Civil Hosptial, Fatehgarh Sahib so now his certificate will be prepared at Government Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh. He e tried his best to locate the parents of the child.

Gurnam, who is father of two daughters and a son said though efforts are being made to trace the parents but if their efforts would not prove successful then he spend money on him to take care of him. He said anyone who knows the parents of Abdul can contact him on his mobile number 09814221618, Patiala School and Deaf and Blind phone number 0175-2050353

Photo Caption: Abdul Razak with Gurnam Singh. 
Photo by Gurpreet Singh Mehak
Contributed by: Gurpreet Singh Mehak
City: Fatehgarh Sahib
Country: India
Date: May 30, 2012