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Terrorism major concern in Tanzania

Terrorism and trafficking of explosives are a major concern in Tanzania with stakeholders in the country calling for a combined effort of government, non- governmental organisations and international organs.

Consequently, authorities are addressing challenges focusing on movement of people and physical goods, tracking and identification of chemicals, biological, nuclear and explosive items.

The challenges were covered in a recent two-week course for 21 Immigration department officials at the Tanzania Regional Immigration Academy in Moshi.

Unless officials are skilled enough, the governments’s effort to combat terrorism will remain fruitless, Wan’gura Maganda, the Deputy Commissioner of Immigration Service told the participants.

Owing to the secretive nature, terrorism often offers opponents no clear organisation structure to defend against or to deter, he said.

The course had come at the right time as the country was increasingly opening its doors to the international common markets, the Kilimanjaro Regional Criminal Officer Linus Stevin Sinzuma, told the participants.

He said extra efforts, especially form other stakeholders within and outside the country were needed to deal with the challenges.

Contributed by: Rose Mirondo
Country: Tanzania 
Date: September 23, 2010