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No confidence motion against NP Khamano president passed

No confidence motion against NP Khamano president passed; SAD MLA supported it; BJP leaders including two SAD councilors opposed the MLA act; to complain BJP high command. 

No confidence motion against Nager Panchyat(NP), Khamano acting president Kamlesh Rani, who is wife of senior BJP leader of Khamano Kuldeep Madaan was passed on Thursday . It may be mentioned here that eight members of the NP had moved no confidence motion against the acting president and submitted it to Executive Officer(EO) of the NP who in turn intimate Kamlesh Rani to prove majority in the house but she could not do so. The meeting of the NP was held under the supervision of Khamano SDM and eight members passed motion against the acting president. Samrala SAD MLA Jagjiwan Singh Khirnia, who is also ex officio member of the NP and councilors Balamjit Singh Princi, Ravinder Kumar Babla, Balbir Singh, Jaswant Singh, Amarjit Singh Billa, Baljit Kaur, Gurdeep Kaur, Sarabjit Kaur attended yesterday’s meeting. Kamlesh Rani did not attend the yesterday meeting and the meeting was presided over by councilor Balamjit Singh Princi.

A meeting of Kamlesh Rani supporters including two SAD councilors Gyan Chand(former president NP) and Sadhu Singh was held at Market Committee, Khamano office. In this meeting senior BJP leaders of Khamano was participated. Kamlesh Raini husband Kuldeep Madaan, who is also senior BJP leader, is vice chairman of Market Committee, Khamano. In today’s meeting, yesterday meeting was termed illegal. Speaking on this occasion various speakers said that Kamlesh Rani had already intimate the concerned authorities in written that she is ill so she could not attend the yesterday meeting and requested to fix another date. They said Kamlesh Rani was removed due to political pressure. They said in similar manner earlier Gyan Chand was removed from the post of president around 10 months ago and Kamlesh Rani was working as acting president of NP. When contacted Balbir Sidhu, Mandal Khamano BJP president, who also attended the meeting, he said that Kamlesh Rani was removed due to pressure of Samrala MLA Jagjiwan Singh Khirnia. He said they will complaint against the MLA to BJP high command . He said there is SAD BJP alliance in state and this development will create rift in alliance.

When media persons contacted Khirnia he denied the charges. He said eight members of the NP removed Kamlesh Rani in democratic way after adopting proper procedure.

Photo Caption : Senior BJP leaders and SAD councilors of Khamano opposing Samrala MLA Jagjiwan Singh Khirnia acting of removing Kamlesh Rani from NP president post. 
Photo by Gurpreet Singh Mehak
Contributed by: Gurpreet Singh Mehak 
Country: India
Date: September 26, 2010