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Different factions of Shiromani Akali Dal should not treat each other as rivals

In a two-day political training camp of the Dal Khalsa, which concluded today at historic Gurdwara Sri Fatehgarh Sahib, the issue of the proposed unity move with like minded parties in view of the impending election to the general house of the SGPC, was discussed.
Trying to put away years of tension between them, Dal Khalsa has told different factions of the Shiromani Akali Dal that they should not treat each other as rivals. Their infighting by default has given room to the BJP to establish and expand its rural base in Punjab. Instead Dal Khalsa president H.S. Dhami counselled that since all parties drive their strength from Sikh voters the time has come when the different shades of the Panth should work in tandem to achieve Punjab’s sovereignty. In a scathing attack on the government, he said the state is in a denial mood to recognize and resolve the Punjab problem.

Dhami informed that the training camp was held for the party’s office bearers to do introspection, to streamline party’s functioning, to update their knowledge on geo-political situation and to evaluate the tasks ahead. He said the message to the youth was to demonstrate courage, resolve and steadfastness.

H. S Dhami flanked with other party leaders including Satnam Singh, Kanwar Pal Singh, Dr Manjinder Singh, Ranbir Singh, Sarbjit Singh Ghuman interacted with the participants and pressed upon them to give politics a positive turn and discover the spirit within.

The inspiring references from the books "Freedom in Exile", "Long Walk to Freedom", "Lincoln on Leadership" and "In the line of Fire" written by Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Donald T Phillips and former Pakistani President Gen Pervez Musharraf respectively were discussed to understand various aspects of leadership. The participants were impressed by Mandela’s leadership qualities especially his knowledge about when and how to transition between his roles as warrior, martyr, diplomat and statesman. Equally, Dalai Lama’s commitment to non-violence and courage to struggle for freedom and justice emboldened their motivation as the group members see it as a vindication of their own policy and standpoint.

There were free and frank deliberations on different topics during the get-together. There was admission about the tough road and long way ahead to achieve group’s aims and objectives. Dhami said we had asked our rank and file to reach out to masses to know their pulse and why they are reluctant to join hardliner groups.

In a 20-point questionnaire that was made the basis of the discussion, an entire spectrum of issues ranging from continued loot of River waters, influx of migrants and violation of right to privacy by intelligence agencies through tapping phones and intercepting mails figured in the meeting.

Dhami was of the view that youth should not shy away from politics. Rather they should joint it for the welfare of the community. On the concluding day, while interacting with participants, he called upon them to join politics to help solve "burning issues". He said it was not possible to solve any problem without politics and therefore it was "absolutely necessary that youth should join it.

Photo Caption : Dal Khalsa leaders during political training camp at Gurdwara Sri Fatehgarh Sahib. 
Photo by Gurpreet Singh Mehak
Contributed by: Gurpreet Singh Mehak
Country: India
Date: September 28, 2010