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Chinese employer in Rotterdam exploits human-rights

A company from Taiwan, manufacturing and marketing laser engravers, plotters, and large format UV printers having its European branch office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, was accused by its employee on grounds of human-rights violation.

The company has a high turnover of employees, ever since it started its branch office in Netherlands. It is believed that, its manager Mr. Yen (name changed), expects workers to work for long extra hours, especially during trade fairs, without any over time pay, refuses to provide basics safety gear set as per European standards and, when employees did try to talk, he would give examples relating to the company policies set as per standards in Taiwan and even China.

Some employees believe that, the easy way out for the company is to hire, foreigners, who move to Netherlands as a spouse or a partner to a Dutch citizen, therefore, since they do not speak Dutch from the very beginning, its often tough to find jobs. The company hires such individuals and therefore, manages to dictate their terms. While those who complain, the company refuses to extend their work agreements. 

Some employees tried to share the matter with the media, but, it refused to carry the news, since the reporter, was interested in a BIGGER story, as said by the ex-employee of the company. A complain was also made the the labor complaint department, but, its enquiry was skillfully tackled by the management.

It is believed that, several foreign companies in The Netherlands, hire English speakers, often partners of Dutch citizens who move in to stay in Netherlands and offer them low wages per hour, without medical insurance and other such benefits, which are mandatory as per the Dutch and the European laws. 

Contributed by: Mohinder Pal Singh
City: Kolkata
Country: India
Date: March 29, 2010