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This section is for all those aspiring models who are striving to make a career in advertising and fashion. Please send us a short essay, not more than 150 words about yourself, starting with 'whats the most exciting thing you would love to do in life' followed by, the kind of person you are, your career goals, ambitions and, what kind of assignments you would want to work on. You can also mention other highlights about yourself, which you want others to know. Please provide your email address so that, those interested to work with you, may get in touch with you directly. 

Please register and email us together with your photo to

I am Sruti Banerjee, an aspiring model from Kolkata, a graduate in Film Appreciation FTII, from Pune, India. I have worked on several modeling assignments and in Santali film 'Jiwi Juri' as main lead, in Bengali film 'Prithibi amake chay' as main lead, and I am also a winner of Femina Vaseline contest. 

Name: Sruti Banerjee
City: Kolkata
Country: India
Date: February 11, 2011

I am Sreemoyee Banerjee, an aspiring model striving to make a career in advertising and fashion. Since my childhood I've always had a dream, of making it big on the screen and in the fashion world. I have always learned from my parents to keep my dreams simple and, so I want to be happy in life because as foolish and simple as it sounds this is one thing that all of us miss.That is my ultimate aim and in order to do that I need to achieve what I want most in my life. I dare say I will do my work with dedication and perfection. I will prove myself worthy.

I am a student of Loreto College in Kolkata, India, a first year student of English honors. I am an adventure lover, a nature lover and every year I set out on an adventure. I'm also interested in photography and acting. I like to write poems and read. And most importantly I learn from my mistakes easily. I'm a go getter and love to live every moment. When not working or doing anything I like to spend time alone and reflect on things. If not a model I aspire to become a journalist.

I would like to do modeling assignments of every kind as long as its not beyond my ethics. I'm an open-minded person. Basically I would want to do the assignments in India, more preferably kolkata as I'm still a student and would like to complete my studies. 

Name: Sreemoyee Banerjee
City: Kolkata
Country: India
Date: January 20, 2011