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What is a developed country?

A developed country is one, where all its people are literate, have respect for their fellow beings around them, have job security, medical insurance, a well planned and organized retirement for elderly, an organized system of operating private business, an organized system of security, both for individual, family, business and as well as society, and most importantly, a vision to develop with science. 

By education, I would not only mean that, a particular percentage in the society is highly educated, while another can barely struggle to read & write. Ideally, a literate society would be where, every one has had a basic education and, has the ability and the understanding to think, plan, organize and develop oneself and, team to develop his own family, thereby, providing an opportunity to help develop our society. 

All forms of education must be divided into different segments. For e.g. the system must be designed such, so that, every individual must be able to get a basic education for the first 10 years, which must be provided by the state government, ideally free of cost or at most subsidized. 

This basic system of education should consist of subjects, with a mix of Science, Commerce, Arts, perfectly blended with providing first-aid in emergency. Having completed this basic education, one must be provided with a choice to either chose to specialize in any of the above streams or, chose to diversify into any form of professional studies. 

By professional studies, I mean a system of education, which provides an individual with the exact skills and knowledge one should possess in order to excel in that particular field. We need to understand that, education must be an important necessity to develop oneself, and one should chose this option willingly and lovingly, not force to study, with a belief that, if one fails to acquire education, one will fail in life too! 

For e.g. if one choses to be a mechanic, only to repair cars, one need not go through the high-school and then to the engineering school etc. one can join the professional school and start learning to repair cars from the very first day itself. Further, if any one individual wants to become a barber, or a driver, or a beautician or a sportsman or sportswoman etc. one can join the professional school and get the knowhow of their choice and, once completing, one can start to work and get into developing their life.

The professional studies may be designed into 2 options, one with a 1 year study program, where one gets the basics and the other with a 2 year program, where one can master some extra skills and knowledge and, also based on the study program too, for e.g. repairing of cars might need a 2 year study program, whereas, if someone choses to be a beautician, it may be designed for a lesser period of time, unless, one wants to specialize in that too, by providing health tips together with being a beautician. Other forms of professional studies for e.g. sports, maybe designed for a longer period, depending upon the sport itself. 

For those students who want to chose to study further, or to specialize into any particular subject, for e.g. Science, one should first be evaluated in order to check what are the strengths of the individual and, how well can those strengths be utilized in order to get the best from the individual. For e.g. if one particular individual, seems to possess excellent skills into medicine, one should thereon, study in the similar field in order to excel in those subjects and, thus, enjoy and love doing what one wants. This way, one will have a desire to learn and as well as, be able to contribute towards the development of our society. 

This form of specialized study, may be charged to the individual candidate. If such students cannot afford to pay for their studies, they must be provided with options, either to take a 100% study loan, with a very small interest and, go for the studies in continues semesters, or, they may chose to study part time and work part time, thus, to be able to pay for their studies, while working alongside. 

All specialized studies must be designed into semesters, of 6 months each. And, every student must be provided an option to take a break in-between semesters. Of course, these breaks must be for a strong cause. For e.g. a student may chose to study 6 months and work for 3 or 6 months and then come back to continue with their studies again. This way, once again, the student gets an opportunity to study and as well as earn for their needs and maybe, even provide to their family. 

Specialized study programs must be designed for a 5 year term or 7 year term depending upon the study program. Extra time for research must be invested for studies in Science. 

A student may graduate, from professional studies or specialized studies, only when one has worked for one full year, successfully, with an organization, as part of their internship and, must provide a 3 month service to the government, either in military, navy, air force or the police. This way, an individual will balance education with real life work experience and, get the discipline for oneself. 

Law and Order 
Once we have an educated society, the next most important factor is ‘Law & Order’. No country can develop, as long as its not organized with its Law & Order system. It is needless to say that, all forms of bureaucracy & corruption, should be ignored, avoided or banned in a developed society. The Laws of a country must be for the people and not against. No person is born a criminal, rather the failed system makes criminals. Therefore, if we design our system well, we will not have crime. 

Watch dogs 
The state and central government must have watch dogs for every aspect of the society. With watch dogs I mean, an organized team of highly skilled individuals, who evaluate the operations, activities and movements of individuals and as well as the corporate sector. This way, the watch dogs will be able to monitor every individual and or the business sector and, must first collect enough and very strong evidence, to prosecute the individual or the business. The law should be “not guilty till proven guilty”. 

Unique id card 
The system can best work, when each individual citizen of a country, has one unique identity card, which stores all the information required to know about the individual person. For e.g. the id card shall have one unique number, which will store all the information about the person. 

Starting from basic essentials like, date of birth, details about parents, siblings, eventually, education back ground, followed by financial status, by linking it with the bank account etc. thus, the same unique id card can be used as a bank card, debit card or a credit card ... remember, each individual has a unique number! 

Six month audit 
Once in 6 months, each individual, business of all kinds etc. will be scanned by the watch dogs, about their activities. Any unusual activity must be researched to study the whereabouts of the individual. For e.g. if the status shows that the income of a particular individual or business is amount X per annum and an average expenses of Y per annum, watch dogs must be able to judge if the balance in the amount in the account matches? If not, where did the excess money come from? If the excess money is from gifts, watch dogs must be able to trace right away, the source of the gifts and even be able to check if the source has a clean status. Or, if the excess money, is from the individuals’ single owned business or from any other part time job, watch dogs must be able to scan such an information right away. Such an audit will have a control on money laundry. (I shall however, detail on this later).

All forms of businesses should be segmented. For e.g. a business owned by a single person, working full time or part-time, along side their other full time job, could be segmented into single owned & single person working company. A company with 10 workers or less, could be segmented into small scale business and gradually, the total number of workers could define the segment of the business. Any company having more than 1000 workers could be segmented into large scale companies and, thus, each business, should have its own parameters for auditing. Such a system of audit will help, foresee scams, be it in small scale business, large companies or in the financial sector. 

Ideally, no one individual or business should be able to get away from such audits and end up with scams, because, if the watch dogs do their jobs well, they will be able to foresee a scam well ahead of time. However, under unforeseen circumstances, if someone does manage to get away, the law should be designed such that, the entire case should not last for more than 6 months in the court. Because, the watch dogs do not need to spend a long time on its research, since the system was designed for 6 month auditing, so ideally, it may take not more than a week to collect all essentials. Further, the culprit must get a harsh sentence, for e.g. sentenced to life imprisonment, in order to set a clear example for others, who may learn from such mistakes. 

Scammers having skillfully passed though a strict system of watch dogs, clearly indicate that, they posses skills which are beyond the imagination of the system. Therefore, even though they will be sentenced, by law, they will continue working with the watch dogs, in order to share their expertise to help the watch dogs in order to oversee others and thus, to control further scams. Of course, needless to say that, all the property of the scammers and their financial accounts will become part of the government, which shall be auctioned in order to raise money, which will be further invested into financial institutions, who can provide loans to students and ambitious businessmen, to start their small scale business. 

Individual business men
Ambitious individuals who want to start their own business, must be provided with loans under schemes, where they can be motivated to start small scale individual businesses. This way, their will be more job opportunities. Once again, each businessman will be evaluated through the audit system of the watch dogs. And, if the watch dogs do their jobs well, there will be no scams. The loans will be repaid on time, every time, and thus, the banks will be able to provide further such loans to others.

Driving license 
Further, the unique id card can also be used as a driving license. Thus the watch dogs can have all the information required about the individuals driving activities. Any form of failing to obey the law, must be noted in order to give an overview about the individual to the watch dog, anywhere in the country and at any given point of time. For e.g. if a person is found driving without a helmet or, without wearing seat belt, one can be warned the first time and, a note on such an act must be stored together with the individual’s unique id number. Repeating the same the second time, could result into a huge fine, so that, the person does not even think about repeating it again. And once again, such details must be noted and stored, for further references. 

Any form of accidents must be sentenced with a suspension of the driving license anywhere from a 1 month period to 1 year or even more, depending upon the kind of accident. Consuming of alcohol, in any form, and in any quantity and driving, wether a bike a car or even a cycle, must be strictly banned. Individuals must be sentenced with a suspension of their driving licenses for a minimum period of 1 year or more depending upon their situation when they were arrested. And even fined, thus to set a very clear example for others. After the period of suspension, they should undergo the entire procedure to medical examination and driving lessons, in order to understand, value and respect the driving rules and regulations. 

The issue of a driving license, should take at least a period of 6 months, with a minimum of 50 hours of driving lessons and, around 10 hours of theory. The theory should cover the rules and regulations, on driving, overtaking, parking, driving in the hills, during winters, rainy seasons (for e.g. the minimum distance between two cars driving at a speed of 60 kms. per hour should be more during raining seasons, than during summers, thus to avoid any accidents during emergency braking), using the same parameter for winters, when it gets darker earlier or foggy, the importance of stopping at zebra crossing, in order to allow people to walk first, respect to your other vehicles on road, how to drive in order to allow an ambulance to pass through first, followed by the fire-brigade etc. during emergency. 

As mentioned earlier, failing to obey any of these laws, could result into suspension of the license anywhere from 1 month to a year or even more and, after completing the period of suspension, one as to undergo the application procedure once again. Such rules, will guide people to value and respect their driving license and, stick to obeying the laws. 

Taxi drivers, truck driver, bus drivers etc. who often drive vehicles which are owned by some other individual and or company, will be responsible for their own license, if they are found to be guilty and not the owners of the vehicle.

Smoking, Alcohol & light drugs 
Smoking must be strictly banned in public places and limited to either into specialized smoking cafes or in the houses of the individuals. Whereas, all forms of alcohol above 40% must also be banned. Research shows neither of these are anywhere healthy for people. Consuming of alcohol must be restricted within environments where one can be controlled. 

Similarly, light drugs for. e.g. marijuana, or weed, or ganja as it maybe called, must be legalized and, be sold at special cafes where one can go and buy in limited quantity for self use.

Of course, such items must be taxed heavily. Ideally non are healthy, hence, the tax must also be designed such, that, the more unhealthy item one consumes, the higher the tax. For e.g. alcoholic drinks below 5% can be lower taxed while the higher the percentage the more the tax. Similarly, high taxes on smoking items, since they are anyways never good for health. This will leave the consumers with a choice, to consume but at a high cost. 

Ideally, abortion is a very private matter and, only the woman must have their say to this. However, families forcing abortion in order to kill the girl child, must be prosecuted and sentenced to a life term imprisonment. Thus to set a clear example for others who may be thinking of similar patterns. (I shall detail later, what should be done with all those who may get life term imprisonment). Abortion must be allowed under circumstances, only when their is risk to health to the mother or the child. Where there is a risk of a birth defect etc. or, under situations of rape of a woman! 

In situations of rape, the entire case must not last more than 6 months in the court and, the rapist must get a death sentence, thus, to set an example of the strictness of law. Lawyers who help try to save such rapists must be banned from practicing law. Needless to say, anyone who tries to cover up the case, must be sentenced strictly. Victims of rape must be provided with both medical and as well as psychological treatment, so that, they can return to a normal life again. Victims of rape, must never be shown, their names flashed on the media etc. thus, to maintain their privacy. On the other hand, the rapists must be clearly flashed in order for the people to know, who are the wrong doers in the society and, how the law behaves with them. Cases of molestation and eve-teasing must be dealt parallel to those of rape.

Property disputes 
If a person cannot be loyal to his own family, how does he convince to be loyal to the country? Therefore, all cases with family disputes and property disputes must be designed such that, if a family does approach the court over disputed property, the government should auction the entire property, keep 50% of the funds to the government and divided the rest equally amongst the other family members, including an equal share to the parents and all siblings, where girls are not girls rather, siblings of the family. Ideally, if we have such a strong law, no family would come to the court with such matters! Needless to say the funds which the government receives from such cases, can be forwarded to financial institutions who can invest the money into education loans or, loans to businesses etc. 

The state government should provide medical facilities to all people. A percentage of the income of every individual, should go towards medical insurance by default. Hospitals must have facilities to cater to every individual, with any type of medical case. Medical, should not become a business, rather a service to society. Private clinics and hospitals should be allowed to operate, however, they should work as a social trust, than as a individual business or as a partnership business. Needless to say, the watch dogs will be auditing such institutions every six months. 

Quality control
Guidelines should be listed for high quality standards for every product on sale. Be it products to wear, eat, drive, houses to live etc. some e.g. strict quality standards for children items, like crayons and colors to have lead free materials, and, should be made of items, which are not hazardous to children, since it is common sense that children most likely will put such things into their mouth. Similarly, the toys of children must be made with environment friendly materials. Strict guidelines to be set for the manufacturing of baby food etc. edibles and food items to be produced more with natural and bio materials than artificial materials. similarly, standards must be set for products used for household items for e.g. cooking stoves, furnitures, etc. where safety and easy to use parameters are the primary focus. 

Older people in the society, must be provided with old age homes, where they can live together, with other elderly people of their age. This way, they will form a group or club of their own, and be busy with their activities, instead to be lost with the generation gap in their own house and thus, end up into family fights, and problems. 

Legalize prostitution
A free society is where a person choses to do what he wants and how he wants. As long as, he is not a threat to others. Legalizing prostitution will have a control on corruption, woman trafficking and as well as the spread of aids and other sexual transmitted diseases for e.g. a 3 month license should be issued to the sex workers, who must get a medical clarence in order to extend their license. Since they will have a work license, and shall pay a tax to the government, there will be a control on them. 

Child labor 
Child labor is a clear example of a failed government. If we carefully understand all the above, we will not have a situation where a child has to work in order to provide the essentials to his family. However, a developing country, cannot become developed overnight and, just by saying ‘STOP child labor’ we won’t justify the problems either. The fact the child has to work, is clear enough that, there is a problem. Instead, the system must be designed such that, the child can work, while have access to his rights. For e.g. a safe working environment, and working hours should be designed such that, the child can have access to studies, and rest between long working hours. A balanced diet should be provided to the child by the employer. 

Practice of religion 
Religion should be for the people to live together in peace and harmony. Any kind of religion, which encourages disrespect to other religion or individuals must be banned. Religious properties must be under the government and, the priests must be salaried staff of the government. All donations for religious practices must be divided into community development projects and or education. Instead of further constructions of more religious buildings. 

Correction centers 
All those sentenced to life for crimes against society, must be forced into a harsh life-sentence where one has to provide service to the government. For e.g. once sentenced, an individual must work in correction centers to develop or produce materials which can be sold in order to make a profit. A percentage of this profit must be shared with the family of the sentenced victim and the rest can go to the correction center, for reusing the money into investing and developing of the center. The materials produced and developed can be anywhere between furnitures, garments etc. or, any project which uses the recycling of materials. This way, the society will benefit from recycling and as well as cheap labor, while all those who are sentenced, will be contributing to the society even while in the correction centers. 

These are some ideas on how we can project ourselves at work. Similarly, we can look into every individual project, with a creative overview, giving importance to ‘how the society benefits’ and, ‘how well an individual can contribute towards its development’, thus, to develop our society. 

Those who feel such an idea cannot be put into action, probably lack that basic education or, lack a vision to see things positively.

Contributed by: Mohinder Pal Singh 
City: Kolkata
Country: India 
Date: June 1, 2010