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My Life diary by Manisha

When I was a toddler, I used to play and smile in the sunshine. Talk with my friends, go out in the park and enjoy life. There was no stress, no hurdles or competition from the world. Everything was plain and smooth. People loved each other, admired and found peace in each other’s company. They enjoyed the company of other people who were interesting to them and entertaining and full of love. People loved each other, tried to help each other and their sorrows and their happiness were their own.

When I was an infant, there was sadness of leaving the comfort of my mother’s lap and the security of the four walls of the house, leaving my parent’s for the first time to go to the school, fear of meeting new people in a new strange world ... full of strangers and new surroundings.

But in the school I made friends, learned things, enjoyed the new surroundings. Learned new habits and came to know the bond of friendship. And learned that was the best bond in the world. Friends did everything for you. They loved you, fought with you. Shared with you. They knew your fear of going away from the safe surroundings of the house to an unknown place full of strangers. But we learned new things and enjoyed them also. We came to know how to bond with unknown people, love them, trust them, share, and adjust to a whole new surrounding without the guidance of parents.

Then I grew up and was able to understand about the rules of nature and the world. There was competition among fiends for studies. To come first in the class, to get better rank and good percentage. But that was all. We still played together, shared knowledge which we acquired by reading books and from the experience of life, shared our, ideas and our love for each other and the bond of friendship grew stronger. We did everything as a part of group which was not complete without even one of us.

Than when I was young, there was competition everywhere. A simple life suddenly became very complex. The friends, who were once ready to sacrifice anything for each other, started hiding things. They wanted to be best in everything. Grab the best opportunity from others to be someone in this big bad world. It was the survival of the fittest. One had to prove oneself for everything. One would not hesitate to grab or steal from others if they wanted it.

Now, friends did not recognize each other, were not willing to help one another. They lied to people. They cursed them secretly and wished for other’s downfall. And be happy if someone was in trouble and envied others on their success.

This was the strange world. But one has to live in this world and survive in this big bad world. And is also a part of it.

So, this is my story. I will go on living till my end comes, doing what I have to do, but never leaving the path of truth.

Contributed by: Manisha Bhandari
City: Udaipur
Country: India
Date: December 28, 2011