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MTS India after sales service Nuisance & extremely annoying

Internet is becoming a part of our life and the best we want to do is, get ourselves the finest option. I live and work in The Netherlands and travel to India often to meet my parents and family and since I am in touch with my parents over internet too, hence, I really wanted to chose an option so that my parents get both mobile and have access to good speed internet. Some 3 years ago, we had little options for mobile internet in India. Today, unlike other markets, internet is developing fast hence we have some very good options too! Though internet is easily available on smart phones and tablets, however, few options such as the one from MTS India seemed very tempting; MTS Blaze ultra wifi. Its a small device which can be plugged into the power supply and works as a wifi router and one can enjoy internet in 5 different devices. And the best part is, you can use it anywhere in India, of course where MTS has its service. And this did cater to my needs when I got my connection in December 2013. I think around then, it was a great offer; @Rs 1083 per month for 8 GB data internet over 3G. However, little did I know that I was not only signing in for the service but also for the harassment which comes along with it.

Indian law demands a photocopy of a passport or voters id card or a driver license to be submitted along with the application. Well, we understand thats because of identification matters. And upon making an application, usual procedure is that the company sends someone for verification, to check if the address mentioned is correct and if the person is indeed the one as mentioned with the supporting documents. Thats also understandable. Whats surprising is; what kind of people the company hires to add such information to their system? To my surprise; my father’s name was written wrongly and also our address was written wrongly! Whereas, these information were neatly filled in the form and a relevant photocopy of a passport was also submitted along with the application, clearly highlighting the full name of my father and my address. Yet such a mistake from the company? Can’t the person simple see the names as on the photocopy and put those rightly into the system? Is it so difficult?

The result, when I called to have my internet activated, I was told that I mentioned the wrong address, and also said my fathers name wrongly, and therefore, my internet would not be activated and I have to visit the nearest MTS office to clarify. But obvious, I was extremely annoyed on this and my speech highlighted the same when I spoke to the MTS representative. After a 20 minute long hard talk, I was told that my internet connection will be activated within 2 hours and the corrections shall be made with regards to the wrong address and the name of my father written wrongly. Well, I did get my internet activated and enjoyed the use of MTS internet. Since the very first week on, MTS service team would call 4-5 times a week to check if I was getting good speed, and where and how I use the internet and what is my average usage per day etc. I was in India around then so I could take such calls and answer them and as to my understanding, they were making such calls to gather data to be able to develop their services. But it started to annoy me, when they continued to make such calls on a routine basis. I mean, come on, you don't need to ask the same questions every 3-4 times a week? And to my surprise, my most important concerns were not taken into consideration at all? Both my address and father’s name were not corrected and when I asked the calling team to check on this they would always give me the same answer, ‘we shall surely check that soon’.

I retuned back to The Netherlands mid of January 2014 to continue with my life and works and I was glad that back in India, my parents have good speed internet connection and we can be in touch over Skype and emails. But, the MTS service team became a terrible nuisance! They continued calling me 4-5 times a week to ask if I was happy from my service with MTS. In the beginning I politely told them not to make such calls because I wasn't in India anymore and I don't want to end up paying international roaming costs on such calls, so instead they should email me with their questions and I shall reply. But it seems that they just would not listen; they continued to call 2-3 times weekly and at times even would say arrogantly ‘Sir are you really abroad? Because if you were out of India, our calls would not get connected anyways’ - so by saying that, they tried to say I was lying? Now how do I really tell them that I am really not in India? Should I submit a copy of my passport stamped by the immigration of India the day I left India?

I stopped taking calls from numbers which wasn't saved in my contacts because most of those were calls from MTS and few others who were trying to sell me something over the phone. But by end of March 2014, I also got complains from some of my prospects with who I was trying to develop my works, that I wasn't answering calls, and considering that, I decided I should at least take up calls only to be in touch with prospects. Sadly, it was MTS again, calling 3-4 times weekly and with the same questions; ‘Sir how do you find our service?’ And I was squeezed between taking their calls occasionally and ending up paying huge international roaming costs on those un-necessarily. Every time I would take up a call I would request them not to call me but to email me instead but it seems that they would just not listen!!!

However, since my parents were enjoying uninterrupted internet, and we were all in touch, I thought these small matters should be ignored. Around beginning of August 2014, my parents complained that there wasn't any internet service and I emailed MTS with a complain on this matter and got a very dumb reply that internet was working fine. I checked with my parents and they said there wasn't any internet at all. No speed at all in fact, there wasn't any sign of the tower showing! I complained again to MTS over email, and got the same reply that every thing is fine. So I waited someone to call me and they did, and as usual, they asked me ‘Sir how do you like our service?’ I talked to them saying we are not getting any internet since the beginning of August 2014 and I had emailed twice with my complains but no follow up was made and I requested them to look into the matter. To my surprise, they said we will look into it and get back to you.

First week, nothing happened. I emailed my complain again and I again got a dumb systematic reply that they have made a note and then I would get a reply that every thing was ok and when I would answer calls to their representative, they would ask as usual, ‘Sir how do you like our service?’ And again I would tell my complain and they would say we will look into the matter. After two weeks of this routine nonsense, I decided to cancel my service with MTS; why should I take their nuisance when I am paying on time every month and in return getting their arrogance and annoyance as package? From the third week onwards of August 2014, to my surprise, I started to get calls from the MTS service team, sometimes twice daily, asking me ‘Sir why did you cancel the service, what are your problems?’ And the first time I got such a call I shared all my complains and they said the same thing, that they will look into the matter and yet, calls continued coming with the same question over and over again ‘Sir why did you cancel your service with us?’

Now what do we call that? Excellence in service? Or excellence in annoyance? In this month of August 2014; I’ve sent three emails requesting me not to be called on my mobile since I am not in India and to cancel my internet services and every time I get the same reply that we have made a note of your concern, thats it, and yet, once daily, some one woman from the MTS service team continues calling with the same routine question - ‘Sir why did you cancel your service?’ How many times do I need to answer them so that they understand that now, they are more a harassment than any service at all!!!! And how many times am I suppose to email and say to stop calling me.

Is there any way to get this message to the MTS guys that I want to have my privacy and do not want to be disturbed anymore. Ever since I took the MTS internet I’ve been getting calls 3-4 times weekly on how is the service and now that I have canceled my internet I still get calls once or sometimes even twice daily asking why I canceled?

Date: August 28, 2014
Contributed by: Mohinder Pal Singh
City: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands