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Canon Poland the most horrible sales support

If there were awards for the most horrible sales support or customer support then probably Canon Poland would be winning this title continuously. 

If you were to shop for Canon cameras and or accessories in Poland, probably, you might want to reconsider shopping else where. It is somewhat extremely arrogant of Canon or a huge failure from their part, not to have resellers or retailers let alone authorised retailers in malls or shopping areas selling Canon cameras and or accessories. The only few options are the large chain stores and all of them have a different price and as well as product offer. For e.g. the Canon EOS M is available as a kit in the Euro RTV along with the flash and the 18-55mm lens for less, as compared to Saturn where it is available only with the lens and without the flash for 100zl (estimate around 22 euros) more! Now this sounds like a big bully especially for competitive markets in cameras. Leading malls in Poland do not have a single reseller offering Canon cameras or accessories. Neither can one find any shops selling these in any other shopping centres, leaving consumers to buy the Canon range from the few retail chain stores. Whereas other competitive products such as Nikon, Samsung and Sony are widely available almost every where. Every leading mall for sure has a Nikon reseller and comparatively, Samsung has a much wider distribution network for its cameras. How does Canon loyal customers keep up with their needs under such situations?

An entrepreneur (name withheld) had emailed Canon Poland, asking for new business terms and policies for authorised dealers or resellers and there was no reply from Canon for almost more than a week. Thereafter, he called Canon since there was no reply to his emails and could not reach anyone to talk to, for almost 15 minutes, he was made to choose from one option to another but there was no one to take the call in person. After trying for almost 3-4 days, he could finally speak to a woman who said that he should get in touch with Michal Jankowski and asked him to forward an email to the same corporate email address with his name in the subject field. When he asked for his email address or mobile number she refused to give. As he was instructed, he forwarded the email and there was still no reply. So the following day he called up again and spoke to the same woman and told her about his experience. She asked for his mobile number and said she will ask Michal Jankowski to call him. A week passed by but there was no call from anyone. After a week, he called again and asked the woman, is it because he was speaking in English that his enquiry was being ignored, if he was a Polish, with a Polish name and was talking to her in Polish would then someone from Canon reply to him? The woman sounded offended on such talks and still insisted that she would ask Michal Jankowski to call him. And two days passed by and still there was no call from anyone neither a reply to the emails. Once again the caller called and spoke to the woman and this time, asked to speak to someone senior. And mentioned that, he feels Canon Poland is really a racist company for behaving in such arrogant manner. Meanwhile, he also mentioned that he had called Canon Europe in UK and could very easily and politely speak to the area manager who found this absolutely surprising of Canon Poland to be behaving so arrogant! It was then, that the woman gave him Michal Jankowski email address and mobile number. Later the same day, an email was forwarded to Michal Jankowski but there was no reply. Emails were forwarded around 3-4 times the same week but there was no reply and several calls were made to his mobile number but there was neither a reply nor any follow up with the missed calls and or voice messages. Finally, after around 1-2 weeks, Michal Jankowski sends a reply saying that, only if the annual turnover is above 500k Canon shall work directly with a new business deal. Thats it. WOW! What a professional reply that was. Later, another email was sent to ask if there is any option for resellers, and a reply came with a message get in touch with following distributors. Thats it. Again, what a professional attitude and reply. 

With such attitudes at work and that too with a global brand how does Canon expect to keep up with brand loyal customers? Another recent experience is from a buyer who has bought the Canon EOS M camera online from the retail chain stores. The camera is great, though it has some flaws however, one of which is, a horrible battery life. Its been a month since this person is checking online and not a single better option to buy extra Canon battery LP E12 for the EOS M in Poland. Even the giant retail chain stores offer a non-canon battery, which of course, a brand loyal to Canon would never want to buy. 

Is this the Canon strategy for their products in competitive market or, the Canon arrogance as the world's finest brand or, Canon's way to say to their brand loyal customers - we don't care about you but just our own attitudes or, is it just Michal Jankowski style of business development in Poland?

Contributed by: Mohinder Pal Singh
Date: Oct 29, 2013
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland