About us

Our Mission is to share our voice with everyone in this world. We are a community of individuals, who believe in sharing news, opinions, events, stories tied to news events and people of our world. It is a 'people's media', a place where individuals from all over the world can share about what is happening from where they are, at a particular point in time. Our platform provides every individual an opportunity, to gather happenings around them, put them into a story and share it online with all those, who may not be aware of those happenings, thus, to emotionally connect with each others perspectives and share a true human story.

Founded in January 2010, Social Journalist was started by a group of young passionate journalists, who believe that every one individual, has a story worth telling and, sharing that story with others, can be worth educating and changing our lives.

Starting June 2014, we redesigned our strategy and also formed a Facebook page which brings you some facts of our lives, which we probably know yet at times over-see the emotions in them. We might have seen it on TV, or read it online or even debated over these matters, but what is our stand on it? The least we can do is create awareness, so much awareness that it becomes knowledge, enough to be the cause and finally a movement.

While our primary goal is to gather and research our own materials and share here on our website and on our Facebook page, and all our works shall always be supported by the names of our contributors. However, our secondary goal is also to share links from other sources online and we do not claim our copyrights on these and neither associate our name with it as part of our research and findings. Where applicable, we mention the source of our findings, this is simply to share the research and findings of others who strive like us to share their voice globally.

Lets stand for a cause, lets team to create awareness!